Online Training Program

This is an interactive program broken down into various topics in each chapter of training for the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. The IMS program will provide protection for the most physically demanding jobs or administrative jobs that require you to sit all day.

Because it is interactive, the instructor will walk your employees step-by-step through the drills that will correct unsafe behaviors and painful biomechanics and ergonomics.

Program Segments
  • Introduction to IMS and Accountability
  • Lifting like an Athlete
  • Push Pull Bend Reach
  • Protection from Twisting Injuries
  • Protect your Back and Knees
  • Project your Shoulders
  • Prepare for Work Like an Athlete
  • Slip Trip and Fall… Adding Intrinsic Protection to Environmental Awareness
  • Seated Worker Training
  • Hydration and Nutrition

  • IMS is an extremely valuable tool to add to your current safety program as well as your health and wellness program. Contact us today to learn how the Instinctive Movement System can improve performance and reduce the risk of injury at your workplace. Call (715) 781-6195 or email