Pre-Shift Conditioning

The IMS Pre-Shift Conditioning (PSC) Techniques begin the process of restoring safe movement and assisting employees with the existing health concerns discussed above. Employees feel better and work safely. This program is a simple but very effective routine that requires only about 5 minutes per day to for employees to perform. When used daily the results are amazing.

Just like an athlete, Instinctive Movement Systems can help your employees avoid injuries, improve performance and durability.

Pre-Shift Conditioning Changes behaviors:

  • Transitioning away from traditional stretch and flex programs which just stretch commonly injured areas.
  • Restores functional movements.
  • Creates optimal bio-mechanics and ergonomics.
  • Corrects posture.
  • Enhances durability.

IMS is an extremely valuable tool to add to your current safety program as well as your health and wellness program. Contact us today to learn how the Instinctive Movement System can improve performance and reduce the risk of injury at your workplace. Call (715) 781-6195 or email