IMS Certified Instructor Program

The key to long term success of the Instinctive Movement Systems training program is to have certified personnel within an organization to lead the program. The IMS Certified Instructor Program is designed to train individuals within an organization to become the “Super-User” of IMS techniques and protocols to ensure sustainability of the program. Participants in the IMS Certified Instructor Program will learn:

Training Skills

Oversight of IMS techniques
Overseeing all activities regarding IMS Pre-Shift Conditioning and effective use of IMS support materials.

Training/teaching new employees
Responsible for training all new employees to ensure proficiency and understanding of all IMS techniques.

New hire observation
Observing new employees to ensure practical application of IMS techniques on the job-site.

Post-modified duty training
Re-train/train all employees coming off injury or modified duty to ensure an understanding of IMS techniques

Post-modified duty observation
Observe/correct/re-enforce post modified duty employees on the job to prevent re-injury.

Random job-site observation
Ability to observe any and all task situations to be able to make corrections based on IMS protocols.

Assessment Skills

Identifying high-risk employees
Ability to identify those employees who are at risk due to unsafe behaviors.

Identifying high-risk work scenarios or environments
Ability to assess any job-site or work environment for safety concerns.

Identifying limitations
Ability to recognize when an employee may be at risk.

Reporting to safety department
Effective reporting to safety/HR/management regarding employee limitations.

Post-injury, modified duty, RTW
Liaison between Safety/HR, healthcare professional regarding safe return to work.

Communication Skills

Ability to communicate effectively with employee’s in a group setting or one on one.

Learning effective techniques to get your point across.

The training program is held for 2 days in Scottsdale AZ or it can be scheduled at regional or local sites. Class size is limited.

IMS is an extremely valuable tool to add to your current safety program as well as your health and wellness program. Contact us today to learn how the Instinctive Movement System can improve performance and reduce the risk of injury at your workplace. Call (715) 781-6195 or email