IMS Clinical Associate Program

When you implement the IMS Clinical Associate Program we will assign an IMS Certified Clinician from your local region to work directly with your company on an on-going basis. The certified IMS clinician will train your employees on injury prevention, but in the event of an injury they will begin appropriate rehab to get your employees back to work quicker and avoid unnecessary medical costs. The Associate Program gives you premium access to the performance and injury prevention benefits of the Instinctive Movement System and is the most comprehensive method of implementing the IMS protocol into your business.

Duties of the IMS Associate

In addition to the standard IMS injury prevention training the associate will be able to perform many supplemental services to your company, including:

  • Implementation of performance standards
  • Post-offer examinations
  • Pre-shift conditioning (initial and for new employees)
  • Performance assessments
  • Communication between HR/Safety Director and the clinicians treating injured employees
  • Supervisor training
  • Job site evaluations
  • Lecture on safety, employee health and injury prevention

Benefits to the Employer

The IMS program offers many advantages to employers. Having local representation greatly reduces the cost of the program and makes the delivery and support much easier.

  • Access to premium IMS services at a lower cost. Hourly rates and no travel expenses
  • Local service
  • Onsite injury prevention training
  • Onsite employee evaluations (report only visits)
  • Reduced injury claims
  • Assistance in hiring the right person to fit the demands of the job.
  • Protect the employer from hiring a person with pre-existing injuries.
  • Cutting edge post injury care
  • Faster RTW with improved outcomes
  • Proven employee satisfaction
  • High degree of employee compliance and implementation
  • Sustainable programs through effective management training and resources.
  • Quality control

Benefits to the Employees

The IMS program is built on the needs of the employee. The primary concern of the employee is their personal welfare. When we demonstrate to the employee that a primary concern to help them feel better and work safer their compliance goes up dramatically. The employee appreciates the employer’s efforts to help them which leads to an improved employee Safety and health culture.

  • Assist employees with existing aches and pains regardless of their source
  • Helpful tips from a doctor regarding multiple conditions
  • Stop developing conditions in their tracks
  • Change work behaviors to reduce physical stress
  • Improve efficiency and reduce fatigue
  • Motivate and engage employees to be responsible for their health
  • Multiple opportunities and resources to keep employees engaged.

The cost of delivering this program is greatly reduced compared to typical delivery of healthcare. Programs are customized to the needs of the corporation and exact pricing can be determined upon completion of an onsite evaluation and program design.

Contact us today to learn more about how the IMS Associate Program can benefit your company.