Injury Prevention and Safety Services

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Onsite Training Program

An IMS representative will engage with key personnel in management, HR and safety/risk to identify the needs and goals of your company. We will review existing and past injury prevention programs, OSHA logs, current job descriptions and task performance.

With the Onsite IMS Program, we will train your current staff on the IMS injury-prevention techniques. We will also teach your managers/supervisors how to execute the program going forward.

Online Training Program

This is an interactive program broken down into various topics in each chapter of training for the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. The Online IMS Program will provide protection for the most physically demanding jobs or administrative jobs that require you to sit all day.

Because it is interactive, the instructor will walk your employees step-by-step through the drills that will correct unsafe behaviors and painful biomechanics and ergonomics.

Extended IMS Services

After the initial PSC classes have been deployed you are likely to have new hires come on board. We can send out a Certified IMS Instructor for a return visit to train the new hires, or you can participate in one of these program options for a more comprehensive IMS solution:

IMS Certified Instructor Program (IMS Super-User)

Certify one or more of your staff members in the IMS Program. Certified Instructors are qualified to teach the Standard IMS Program to new hires and receive more in-depth knowledge about the IMS techniques.

IMS Clinical Associate Program

Work directly with a Certified Associate in your local region. In addition to teaching the IMS techniques to your current and future workforce, the IMS clinician will be available in the event of an injury to begin appropriate rehab to get your employees back to work quicker and avoid unnecessary medical costs.

Hydration & Nutrition Products

Working Athlete specializes in unique, scientifically validated product formulations addressing the need for quality health and physical conditioning for the working athlete before, during and after the strenuous workday so every second spent during work and every moment after, is experienced to the fullest.

IMS is an extremely valuable tool to add to your current safety program as well as your health and wellness program. Contact us today to learn how the Instictive Movement System can improve performance and reduce the risk of injury at your workplace. Call (715) 781-6195 or email