Benefits of the IMS Program

Employer Benefits

Specific Exercise Programs

Have been proven to prevent back pain episodes while back supports, ergonomics, education and reduced lifting programs do not help. (Spine J. 2009 Feb;9(2))

Safety and Risk

Improved safety numbers are a virtual guarantee with effective participation from the management team. Average first year MSD claim reduction of 36%. (CiMA, 2001-12)

Profit Protection

Reduced on the job injury claims means less money out of your pocket.

Return on Investment

We have shown a conservative average return on investment of 5:1 in reducing musculoskeletal injuries. (CiMA, 2001-12)


IMS is designed to improve employee performance. Doing things the right way instinctively improves performance and reduces fatigue. Studies have shown that physical pain reduces an employee’s productivity by 5.2 hours/week. (JAMA, 2003)

Increased Effective Longevity

By de-stressing the body and reducing aches and pain an employee will continue to work effectively longer in their career.

Employee Compliance

Employees enjoy this program primarily because it assists them with their existing aches and pains and makes their tasks easier. This program makes sense to employees because it addresses their needs and physical capabilities and/or disabilities.


This program addresses safety needs but also can be a fabulous addition to a company’s wellness program.

Employee Benefitsemployeebenefits

IMS provides significant help for employees suffering from low back pain as well as providing techniques to improve function and protect the low back from injury. Low back pain is common in about 80% of the workforce today and is the precursor to low back injury.

The IMS shoulder program is very effective in assisting employees manage their existing shoulder problems. We also strongly focus on the prevention of shoulder injuries which are fast becoming the #1 injury in the workplace today.

Knee pain is very common in the workforce today. Knee pain and injury is a concern within itself but knee issues can dramatically alter proper function when performing tasks. The IMS is a fantastic tool to assist employees in managing knee problems and restoring proper function.

Seated workers, including drivers and equipment operators, suffer from low back, mid back, neck, hip/leg, shoulder/arm and hand pain. The IMS is designed to address these problems by getting to the real issues leading to these concerns and robbing employees of their productivity.

Slips, trips and falls are common in the workplace today. Traditional safety does a great job in protecting employees from the extrinsic (environmental) aspects of such incidents, but little is done to assist employees with the intrinsic aspects (proprioception and balance). The IMS is designed to improve the employee’s ability to protect themselves.

The vast majority of all aches and pains as well as safety procedures have the common denominator of reduced function. The simple solution is to improve function to benefit employees in all these areas.

IMS is an extremely valuable tool to add to your current safety program as well as your health and wellness program. Contact us today to learn how the Instinctive Movement System can improve performance and reduce the risk of injury at your workplace. Call (715) 781-6195 or email